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Great news for those learning Greenlandic

"...I can assure you that I am going to produce DVD module II. As a matter of facts have I spent all day today in the TV studio of Nuuk TV recording lessons - lots of lessons. Our local TV station has namely sponsored the whole shooting of module II (worth a huge bag of money in a low-budget production as mine. Professional studio-time costs a fortune) thus giving me the economic freedom to literally load the DVD to the last byte without having to rise the price considerably.

It will be a bilingual monolith. The English part will include about 5 hours of video, 50 or so exercises, around 20 finite state automata and a bilingual corpus of around 30.000 morphologically and syntactically tagged wordforms. And the same amount of material also in Danish.

You may want to check out http://www.learngreenlandic.com where I have included a preannouncement of it.

...a link to my project's website where you can find quite a number of open source goodies including a word generator and an online dictionary between Greenlandic-Danish-English. Check out http://www.oqaaserpassualeriffik.org"

- Per Langgard, creator-guy of a great DVD/software program for learning Greenlandic (in Danish and English), although the first DVD is mostly pronunciation with some basic grammar.
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