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Hi, Greenland! :-))

I from Belorussia. Please, forgive my very incorrect English :-((.
I am interested in living history, medieval embroidery and textiles. I make reconstruction of clothes from Herjolfsness. Such a dress ( )
They are kept in The National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen
"The graveyard at the Herjolfsnes church contained the remains of some of the original Norse inhabitants. A few were found in coffins, but most were buried simply, wrapped in shrouds. The shrouds were items of clothing, some torn into pieces, some almost intact, and generally assumed to be the personal clothing of that person. There were numerous hoods and hosen, but the best-known finds were the dresses. The dresses were both male and female, adult and child. Dr. Nörlund includes a great deal of research to date these dresses, concluding that most of the finds are consistent with very late 13th c. to very early 15th c. clothing as seen in numerous paintings, illuminations, statuary, and brasses from that period." (c)
Somebody from interlocutors knows about this district of a detail?
Interest not the dry official data, and something more animated - personal impressions.
Whether there are in Greenland museums where household things of medieval inhabitants of island are kept? In our country there is a big shortage of a material on culture of medieval Greenland :-((
I write very chaotically. I am overflown with emotions %)))
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